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Innovation for Less Medium Loss: LESER Nanotightness

LESER Nanotightness

LESER redefines the functional tightness of safety valves: LESER Nanotightness exceeds the tightness requirements of API 527 for gases by 50%. The improved tightness between seat and disc of the safety valve means reduction of costs through less medium loss, increased plant efficiency and less pollution.

To Sales Brief Nanotightness    

Technical Background:

Depending on pressure and valve size, the medium loss through minimal leakiness between seat and disc of an API 527-compliant safety valve typically amounts to several cubic meters per year. This medium loss translates into money loss and pollution. A simple example shows the dimensions:

LESER Nanotightness: Example for Medium Loss

By applying API 527, there will be still up to 6m² medium loss per year. Soft sealings reduce medium loss, but are complex concerning sizing, purchasing and maintenance.

The Technology: LESER Nanotightness

In order to offer our customers reliable valve function, the LESER Tight Finish concept contains different solutions to reduce the loss of media. The LESER Nanotightness is the next evolution step of that concept. It provides a significantly improved functional tightness for metal-to-metal sealing as a standard. LESER is the only manufacturer that certifies a leakage rate that lies 50% below the requirements of API 527.

Technical Information

LESER Nanotightness is achieved by modified design and machining of nozzle and disc, which guarantee roughness and flatness levels in the nanometer range.

  • Surface Quality: Multi-stage lapping, honing and polishing process ensures flatness and evenness in the nanometer range
  • Material Handling: Surface protection and optimized handling processes throughout production
  • Measurement Technology: Optical measurement technology with nanometer accuracy, results are used to control process

Product features of LESER Nanotightness

Leakage rate for metal-to-metal sealing
  • LESER Nanotightness exceeds the requirements for functional tightness of API 527 by 50%
  • Available as standard for all safety valves with metal-tometal sealing, ex works Germany
  • No additional costs
  • No additional delivery time


  • Less pollution when discharge to atmosphere or reduced utilization of closed blowdown systems
  • 50% reduction in medium loss saves money
  • Savings in medium loss up to several cubic meters per year, depending on pressure and valve size
  • Increased plant efficiency

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