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Spare part finder

The spare part finder shows the bill of materials (BOM) of your individually configured valve.

The list shown contains all components, regardless whether they are needed as spare parts. As initial spare parts supply for API, High Efficiency, High Performance, Compact Performance and Modulate Action safety relief valves, we recommend the Spare Part Kits. For the other product groups please contact us for an inital spare part offer. Find out more about LESER-Spare Parts Kits.

Please note the following usage information:

The spare part finder currently only shows BoMs for valves assembled in our Hohenwestedt plant. Any modifications (e.g. spring change etc.) on the valves by a third party are not reflected. For information on other valves, please contact your local partner.  

Some positions in the BOM are subassemblies which contain one or several of the following positions. In most cases the subassembly should be ordered as a spare part.

Please enter a combination of a serial number (SerNr.) and an article number (ArtNr.) to bring up the right spare parts (e.g. SerNr: 10202021, ArtNr: 4411.4443). You can find the serial and article numbers on the name plate of the valve or on the Certificate for Gobal Application, which you can download in the CERTIFICATES-area.

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