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LESER safety valves for industrial refrigeration

LESER safety valves  - Solutions for the industrial refrigeration technology

Refrigeration technology plays a key role in many industrial applications. The safety valves used here have to meet high demands in terms of reliability, energy efficiency and emission reduction. Tightness and functional stability are the most important prerequisite.

Learn more about the "cool solutions" with LESER safety valves for industrial refrigeration technology.

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Applications for safety valves in refrigeration technology

In refrigeration systems the refrigerant is aspirated in gaseous state by the compressor. There it is compressed to a high pressure and high temperature (higher than the outside temperature). This system can be secured with a safety valve (A) using a bypass.
The refrigerant then reaches the liquefier at high pressure and in gaseous state. It is liquefied in the liquefier by cooling. During this process the refrigerant releases condensation heat into the environment. The condenser is protected against thermal expansion by safety valves (B). The refrigerant is then conducted through the system in liquid form and at high pressure.
The refrigerant can then once again evaporate in the vaporizer, which has to be protected against impermissible overpressure with safety valves (C). This completes the refrigeration circuit.
The diagram shows a typical system structure in simplified form with the corresponding protection by LESER safety valves.

Safety valves are installed at various positions within the refrigerant circuit.
Safety valves are installed at various positions within the refrigerant circuit.

Application-based solutions

LESER has configured several safety valve types especially for use in industrial refrigeration technology – and in this way provides the matching safety valve for almost every application.  Benefits of these application-based solutions are:

Emission-reduction by sealing all interfaces to the outside
Flange facing groove-groove
O-ring disc: materials resistant to almost all refrigerants
Industry-standard center to face dimensions
High functional tightness
Coverage of thermal expansion (small capacities) up to fire case (high capacities)
Balanced bellows configuration for applications with back pressure
Can be used worldwide thanks to international approvals
Short delivery times

For detailed information on LESER solutions for the industrial refrigeration technology please also check out our brochure “Cool Solutions”.

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Products for industrial refrigeration technology

LESER provides the matching safety valve for almost every application in this segment.

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Back pressure applications

In refrigeration systems, there is frequently a variable superimposed back pressure in the closed blow-off system.

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