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Production at Leser

Production of safety valves
Modern machinery and qualified employees

LESER has the detailed knowledge and most modern technology for precisely producing the highest quality safety valves

LESER safety valves are manufactured at our factory in Hohenwestedt in Germany, which is Europe's biggest manufacturing site for safety valves with an annual capacity of 130.000 valves. Here the production, as well as assembly, is done in most cases on automated production lines. Through this optimized operation we guarantee the consistent, high-quality standard of our products, regardless if it’s a standard part or a part specially designed to meet your needs.

Machining centres for safety valves
Machining centers

LESER invests continually in new processes and technologies. The following examples show some of the customer benefits.

Modern manufacturing technology allows efficient and high-quality production. For example, bodies are machined on five-axis machining centers. In this way time can be saved and the seat is optimally fitted - the prerequisite for seat tightness.

Safety valve in production
Safety valve in production

Raw materials and components for LESER safety valves can be taken from stock in most cases. This means quick and reliable delivery.

Lappery at LESER

Precision manufacturing ensures that LESER safety valves work in a stable and reliable way. With a special lapping process, LESER achieves a surface roughness of Ra < 1µm. This is another cornerstone for our excellent valve tightness and LESER quality.

Test of body tightness
Test of body tightness

Every assembled and adjusted valve is checked one more time by a trained technician. In this way we ensure that only safety valves that meet 100% of our customer’s requirements leave the factory.

LESER production stands for the highest level of flexibility and quality with short delivery times to best-serve or customers.

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